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EA purchases the domain


Electronic Arts has a purchased the domain, but what purpose, is not known at present.

Dug up by PC Gamer (via BigDownload), the domain was purchased by the firm back in December, but at present, there is nothing up through the web address.

EA has claimed to be a staunch supporter of PC games in the past, and its record proves it sees PC as a viable platform by releasing exclusives such as: The Sims, Spore, Battlefield Heroes, and Command and Conquer 4.

However, it has a tendency to ignore the platform when it comes to releasing demos of its games. Recent snubs include Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, all of which were given demo releases on consoles.

EA has never offered a reason for such exclusions, but opinions on the matter are rather strong over on the PC gaming end. We've asked EA for comment on why it isn't too keen on releasing PC demos, but we've yet to hear back on the matter.

As far as the new domain purchase is concerned, we'll contact EA and see if someone can elaborate on the purchase and possible plans.

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