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EA will release 4 new non-sports games before the end of March 2021

EA has revealed a simple outline of its plans for this fiscal year.

As part of an earnings call for EA's Q3 of FY2020, the publisher also shared a few tidbits about its plans for the next fiscal year, 2021. FY2021 kicks off this April, and ends in March 2021.

In that period, EA will release eight games from its internal studios, four of which are the annual sports games, whereas the other four are based on existing IPs. EA already confirmed new FIFA and Madden games, which leaves out NHL and possibly NBA Live. NBA Live 20, initially set for release in 2019, ended up being cancelled.

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It's not clear if the next NBA Live is part of those four, however, as EA previously suggested it may be a next-gen exclusive. EA is also publishing four games from independent developers, likely as part of its EA Originals label.

As for the non-sports titles, we do know that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is due out this FY, so that leaves out three. Once again, we're not quite sure what most of these are, only what they are not. Battlefield, for instance, is not coming until FY2022.

Finally, EA is also planning to soft-launch two new mobile games.

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