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EA: 1 million subs for SWTOR since before Christmas, 60 million hours played since launch

EA announced before Christmas that over 1 million people have signed up for Star Wars: The Old Republic since December 20, adding on Boxing Day that 60 million hours have been spent in the MMO since launch.

Before Christmas, the publisher confirmed that 28 million gameplay hours had been played to date - "roughly equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies, two million times" - with an average of five hours per day.

It added in a second press release on Boxing Day that there'd been 60 million hours spent in-game, which came "roughly equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies over 4 million times."

Other stats dropped by EA included:

  • Over 850,000 Sith Warriors and over 810,000 Jedi Knights created
  • Over 260 million quests completed
  • Over 44 million PvP battles
  • Over 9 million space combat missions completed
  • Over 3 billion NPCs killed

More recent figures should be released soon by EA.

The BioWare MMO went live on December 20 after a week-long early access period.

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