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E3 2018: the new trailer for Disgaea 1 Complete shows updated art and makes big promises

Disgaea - the very first game in the series - is returning to PS4 and Switch this year.

Disgaea turns 15 this year, and to celebrate that, Nippon Ichi Software is releasing an updated version of the game for PS4 and Switch.

We imagine it'll be similar to the version that released for PC three years ago, but with some further updates. The trailer, embedded below, makes the bold claim that it's the "most badass RPG ever". Well!

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The game's art has been updated so that it looks better than ever (or, at least, on par with the more recent Disgaea 5), presumably with all the content ever released for every version of the game (hence 'Complete').

The trailer introduces all the different characters that fans know and love, including Prinny, the penguin fellow who briefly popularised the word 'dood' in certain circles for a dark few months back in the mid-to-late 2000s.

The series is pretty beloved, and we're happy to get a chance to play this game (and we're hoping everyone's feeling a bit better after the whole Disgaea 5 on PC debacle).

Disgaea 1 Complete has a slightly staggered released schedule - October 9 in the US, October 12 in Europe, and October 19 in Australia and New Zealand.

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