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E3 2016 PC Gaming Show brought forward to avoid Ubisoft clash

Thank goodness! We will survive E3 2016.


E3 2016 PC Gaming Show brought forward to avoid Ubisoft clash

The PC Gaming Show is returning to E3 2016 for a second year of championing the platform among the console-heavy circus that is the year's premiere video game trade event.

Previously announced for 12pm PT June 13, it has been brought forward to 11:30am PT June 13. Microsoft's presentation should be done by then, and with a projected run time of 90 minutes, it will end at 1:00pm PT - just when Ubisoft's presser is set to kick off, thereby avoiding any overlap.

This is a great relief. It's still too small a window for the peace of mind of games media everywhere, but for you at home it makes for a good viewing schedule. Hopefully Ubisoft starts with a montage video so you can get in a pee break before things really kick off.

In addition to the new time, organisers have announced some new participants: Cloud Imperium (Star Citizen), Studio Wildcard (ARK: Survival Evolved), TaleWorlds Entertainment (Mount & Blade) and Torn Banner Studios (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Mirage: Arcane Warfare) will be in attendance to present to the audience.

The new teams join previously confirmed attendees Bohemia Interactive (DayZ, ArmA), Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War, Company of Heroes) and Tripwire Interactive (Killing Floor, Red Orchestra).

As previously announced, the show will be streamed live via Twitch's E3 channel.

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