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Dust 514's next beta update adds EVE Online integration, other new features

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Free-to-play FPS Dust 514 will be receiving its next beta update on August 21.

Dubbed the "Precursor" Closed Beta build, the update will officially put Dust 514 and its parent MMO, EVE Online, onto the same test server, allowing players from each game to chat and send mail to each other in real time.

Other added content will include preliminary Orbital Strike framework (that's when EVE players make things go boom from space); improved, faster matchmaking; the ability to form squads with friends; a "substantial array" of new environments; and keyboard and mouse implementation, among others.

In addition, the shooter's Vita companion app, Dust 514: Neocom, will also be launched, allowing players to customize their soldiers and gear on the go.

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