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Dreamcast Collection due late February


Sega has announced the Dreamcast Collection for PC and Xbox 360 is to be released next month, permitting those whose faithful consoles have curled up and died the chance to revisit several classic titles including Space Channel 5: Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing.

For those born too late to appreciate this bit of awesome-sauce, please note the total lack of sarcasm in my enthusiasm.

Available on disc for PC and Xbox 360 as well as through digital distribution channels, the Dreamcast Collection releases on February 25 in Europe, February 22 in North America, February 24 in Australia and February 25 in New Zealand.

The full line up is Sonic Adventure; Crazy Taxi; SEGA Bass Fishing; and Space Channel 5: Part 2.

Putting aside the questionable value of those first two, the only possible detracting factor is the lack of an official Dreamcast fishing rod peripheral, a delightful bit of engineering which briefly made fishing games a thing you were happy to admit to owning.

Revamped re-releases of the original Space Channel 5 and SEGA Bass Fishing for the PlayStation network and Xbox Live Arcade were confirmed in October, too.

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