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Dragon Quest Treasures releasing for Switch on December 9

After a year's worth of radio silence, we now know a little more about the latest Dragon Quest spin-off - and when it's coming.

After a long wait, fans finally now know when they can play upcoming Dragon Quest series spin-off Dragon Quest Treasures - and the wait isn’t far off at all. Fans will be playing the spin-off this December.

Dragon Quest Treasures was first announced a little over a year ago as part of last year’s Dragon Quest 35th anniversary celebrations - but like all of those announcements, it was predominantly aimed at Japan, and only really lightly acknowledged by Square Enix’s Western branches. Now, the game is getting full promotion in the West ahead of a December 9th release, just a handful of months away.

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The new spin-off features Erik and Mia, siblings who'll be familiar to players of Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age. The pair live on a cool-looking Viking Longship, and end up getting taken to a mysterious land - which is where they embark on a new adventure that's a gigantic treasure hunt, as you'd expect from the name of the game.

The trailer shows treasure hunting, fighting alongside and against monsters, and even riding around on monsters. Monster recruiting is a big part of what you'll be up to, but so too is gathering treasure and figuring out how much it's worth.

It’s one of three upcoming Dragon Quest releases, each of which takes a slightly different direction. Dragon Quest 12 is set to be the most mature entry in the series to date, and is the first mainline entry since 2017. Dragon Quest 3 is getting a HD-2D remake in the vein of Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy. Then there’s Treasures, an all-new spin-off with a more traditional Dragon Quest energy.

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