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Dragon Age 2 DLC adds class-specific items

BioWare has popped three new DLC packs up for Dragon Age 2, each adding armour, weapons and items specific to each of the game's classes.

You can grab each pack individually at 240 BioWare or MS Points, or grab the lot in one hit for 400, for PC and Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 players will have to wait, for obvious reasons, but pricing will be $3 each or $4.99 for the bundle.

Items will be class-specific, but can be equipped by companions as well as Hawke.

No word on what items are included, but there's a little backstory for each pack:

  • Mage: The story of the Hawke family began with the forbidden love of a fugitive mage hiding from the chantry, and the noblewoman who abandoned her life of power and privilege to flee across Thedas with the man she loved. These mementos of Malcolm and Leandra Hawke's adventures have now passed to their children. Take up the family legacy, and write your own chapter of the Hawke family tale. This item pack includes relics and mementos of untold power for use by your mage and mage followers.
  • Rogue: Collected here are the storied items of the greatest scoundrels the Dragon Age has ever known. Dashing liars and murderous shadows - the best and worst that rogues offer. Add to the legacy, or just enjoy the fact that as good as they were, you have their stuff. This item pack includes new armour, weapons, and accessories for use by your rogue and rogue followers.
  • Warrior: The original owner of this priceless collection was an Orlesian chevalier who was stabbed in the heart thirteen times. His prized possessions were taken from fin at the time of his death, and since then, anyone who has claimed a piece of his stolen property has met a gruesome and untimely end. each piece of this collection would make a princely gift for a warrior in your company. But would you tempt fate, and risk the wrath of a man murdered in cold blood? This item pack includes a collection of arms, armour and accessories for your warriors and warrior followers.

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