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Don't Starve studio's co-op roguelike Rotwood sprouts on Steam Early Access: Jump into a world of monstrous encounters for less than a value meal

The world has been thrown into chaos, and it's up to you and your friends to battle the corrupted beasts of the Rotwood.

Image credit: Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment’s upcoming roguelike online co-op game Rotwood has entered Early Access on Steam.

In Rotwood, you will take on many challenges against corrupted monsters living in the woods. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone, unless you want to, because three friends can come along for the ride.

Rotwood is about getting better, getting stronger, and taking on challenges.Watch on YouTube

The goal is to get better and stronger to take on challenges once thought impossible. This is possible thanks to varied fighting mechanics, upgradable gear, weapons, and skills.

Speaking of weapons, you can choose from a collection or play to your strengths and stick to your favorite. Each weapon offers unique and interesting ways to bash, smack, skewer, and blast the frenzied beasts of the Rotwood.

There are multiple combo abilities for each weapon, and you can discover different armor and weapons and use these to design your own builds. Plus, each time you venture out into the Rotwood, you can collect and combine interesting powerups and abilities offered throughout your hunt.

Along with regular monsters (if you can call them that) roaming about, you will fight bosses to earn rewards, get stronger, and master your weapon. This will allow you to take on bigger, and badder bosses and their minions.

Rotwodd is without a release date, but you can pick it up through Steam for 10% off at $9.89 from today through May 7. After that, the Early Access title will run you $10.99.

For more information on Rotwood, check out its Steam page linked above, and the official FAQ from Klei Entertainment.

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