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DmC: Devil May Cry western demo out next week, Vergil DLC free for pre-orders

DmC: Devil May Cry is getting a demo across western territories from next week, Capcom has revealed. It has a lot of features, check them all out below.

Earlier today we reported that Japanese PSN would be getting a DmC demo next week, but now Capcom Unity has revealed that the two-mission demo will land in America on November 20th. Across Europe the Xbox 360 demo will land on the same, while the PS3 build will hit PSN on the 21st.

One of the missions will have a big boss battle, and players can try out Ninja Theory's "Son of Sparda" remix mode, use weapon upgrades and find some secrets, the site teased.

Capcom also disclosed more details on the game's first DLC expansion 'Vergil's Downfall', in which players can control Dante's brother and explore his back story. The blog post stresses that the content is not on-disc and is free to anyone pre-ordering DmC from GameStop or EB Games in America.

European and UK information is still under wraps, but the post does state that the DLC will cost $8.99/720 MSP from PSN and Xbox Live respectively.

Watch the Vergil's Downfall expansion in action here.

Thanks AGB.

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