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Divine Gate detailed at TGS 2013

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced its latest bid to make squillions of dollars from the lucrative Japanese mobile market: Divine Gate.

Siliconera reports the new Android and iOS RPG was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Divine Gate has over 200 characters and draws inspiration from card flipping to present a faster puzzle RPG experience. Players begin surrounded by panels, which are marked to indicate the difficulty of the enemies therein. One of these panels holds a key to open the boss fight, ending the level.

In battle, players choose from five blocks, matching them rapidly to an individual character's traits. When performed correctly, it results in skills, chains and combos.

A feature called Resonant Evole will allow players to use some sort of social or multiplayer system rather than having to sacrifice resources to move forward.

Divine Gate arrives on September 30 in Japan, with iOS release to be confirmed.

Why do we care about a new, Japanese mobile game? Because Puzzle & Dragons makes about $4.5 million every single day. Whatever GungHo does is worth watching.

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