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Divekick headed to PSN, is a fighter with one move

You only have one attack in Divekick, and yet it sounds like an incredibly interesting fighter.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Divekick started as a joke but quickly grew to something pretty interesting - a fighter stripped down to its absolute basics. Forget button mashing - this one's all about timing, precision, and the raging psychological war which is about 95% of all pro-level fighter match ups.

Iron Galaxy may not be a familiar name to you, but the independent developer is one of Capcom's favoured teams, and was behind Darkstalkers Resurrection and Marvel vs Capcom Origins, both well-received. If the team wants to make a ridiculous fighter for the PlayStation Network, I say more power to them; as the video below shows, the developer has kept its sense of humour about the whole affair. Expect Divekick in northern summer, for PlayStation 3.

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