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Disney teasing sparks hope for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 localisation

Epic Mickey 2 is the only major title on Disney Interactive's public release schedule, but the company has revealed a second, unannounced game is due - and it sure fits this Kingdom Hearts-shaped hole.

"We start the year right out with a big title Epic Mickey 2, and another big title that hasn't been announced yet, but coming mid-year," CFO Jay Rasulo said during a Q&A at the Goldman Sachs' Communacopia Conference last week, as reported by Business Insider

Epic Mickey drops in November, so Rasulo is talking about the company's financial year, which runs October 1 through September 30. If the mysterious unannounced title launches in the middle of the financial year, we can expect it from March onwards.

As for what it might be - Business Insider sneered gently over Disney's upcoming licensing opportunities, instead championing PlayStation 3 exclusive Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, which you'll note arrives in Japan in March. Ah ha.

Square Enix and Disney Interactive jointly publish the Kingdom Hearts series, which uses settings and characters from both company's popular properties alongside original creations.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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