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DiRT 2 intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience


DiRT 2 is intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience and today's "extreme-sports generation," Codemasters has told RPS

“As you might expect, the presentation for all this is much more exciting than it has been in Europe," said lead designer Matt Horsman.

"We’ve traditionally had one guy commentating and a camera on various corners, but in the US they have helicopters tracking cars, cameras on wires above the track, big crowds, and so on. It’s very much tied into the 'cool' branding of the extreme sports, and DIRT 2 reflects that.”

The menus have also been changed, along with real locations and vehicles, to appeal to more excitable crowd.

"The presentation, as you’ll see in the menus and such, reflects this more youth-orientated branding, but the focus of the game remains on realism, and on off-road racing being incredibly exciting as gameplay,” producer Adam Askew added.

“Every location in the game is real, all the vehicles are real, and handle realistically. We’ve got nine locations: three European, three Asian, three American."

More through the link.

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