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Dinosaurs are coming to theHunter: Primal

The developers behind Just Cause are bringing us theHunter: Primal, and are adding dinosaurs to the upcoming open world hunting game. Taking place in a Jurassic setting, theHunter: Primal uses the Avalanche Engine from theHunter as its official development platform.


Interested players will get a chance to check out the first playable version of the game via Steam before Christmas rolls along, meaning this holiday season should be teeming with dinosaurs.

theHunter: Primal is actually a side project for creator Expansive Worlds, and during development the team found and implemented several changes to the game to improve the overall experience, including new character models, AI behavior, and improved communication and interaction between species.

It’s still a ways off, but let us know how you feel about theHunter: Primal teeming with dinosaurs when it becomes available.

Source: TheHunter Blog

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