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DICE explains Star Wars: Battlefront's Hero System

Star Wars: Battlefront's Hero System is made a little bit less ambiguous.


The Hero System is Star Wars: Battlefront's way of letting anyone become legendary characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and many others.

In order to play as, say, Luke Skywalker, you'll first need to locate the battle pickup. These are random, so you never know what you're getting. Once you take control, your health will start to automatically decrease. Killing enemies extends your health.

On the game's blog, senior producer Jamie Keen focused on Luke Skywalker's character, noting how they animated everything from his jump to his use of the Force to reflect his developing Jedi state.

The blog post also revealed a few of his moves, including the Force Push, a powerful move that sends enemies away. There's also Saber Rush, which propels him very quickly to deliver fast attacks. Then there are his heavy attacks with the Lightsaber.

"Our goal was to give an average player around two minutes as a Hero or Villain," said Keen. "But if you’re good enough, you might stretch that to around five minutes. In theory, you could play as Luke Skywalker for a whole match, but that is extremely unlikely. That said, the gauntlet is thrown!"

Star Wars: Battlefront is due for an open beta in early October.

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