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Deus Ex 3 stealth is "cover-based," not in the shadows

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Following the publication of first solid Deus Ex 3 story details yesterday, an Eidos Montreal staffer's added a few more tidbits in a mail to Voodoo Extreme, including confirmation that the light-shadow stealth system from the previous games has been dropped.

Deus Ex 3 is indeed an RPG. It's a hybrid action/RPG just like the first game. There is a skill system where you upgrade your character (Adam) based off experience points you earn and you can do the same thing with weapons. It's a game with a very detailed plot with numerous characters you interact with. The gameplay takes the form of a consequence-driven multi-path, multi-solution approach in a non-linear space.

For stealth, that is another major pillar of gameplay and we do have it. The difference is that it's now cover-based rather than "shadow/light-based" as in the past games.

More through there.

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