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Deus Ex 3 gets plot details from PC Zone

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The 200th issue of PC Zone, as expected, has yielded a Deus Ex 3 cover preview, which contains the first solid details of the Eidos Montreal sequel. From CVG:

You're cast as average joe Adam Jensen, who works as a private security officer at a technology lab specialising in biomechanical augmentations, a forerunner to the sort of nanotechnology shown in the original Deus Ex. One day the path of his life is unexpectedly altered as a team of black ops commandos break into his company's HQ, and using a security plan from Jensen's own hand, a mass slaughter ensues and the conspiracy begins.

"Deus Ex 3's vision of the future sees holographic screens flicker atop ferries moving back and forth in front of the Shanghai skyline, now split into two layers with the rich on the top and the poor in perpetual twilight below," says PCZ.

More through there. No date, though. There's a ten-page feature in the issue, out October 9.

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