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Destiny: Xur location and inventory for January 23, 24

Xur: Agent of the Nine has made the trek to Destiny's Tower for another week of business.


Destiny's Exotics vendor, Xur: Agent of the Nine has arrived at the Tower as per the weekly schedule. Xur will sell you Exotic weapons and armour pieces if you have the Strange Coins to afford it.

He also brings upgraded versions of various Exotic weapons and armour. You can buy an Exotic Shard from him, which you'll need to upgrade your Exotic weapons and armour. He even brought an Exotic helmet engram this week.

As for his location, you can find him near the Vanguard mentors. You may trade with him until 1am PDT on Sunday, January 25.

Here's what's on offer for this week:

As for the upgraded Exotics, see below:

  • ARMOUR - Knucklehead Radar, Aclyophage Symbiote, Helm of Inmost Light, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Light Beyond Nemesis, Sunbreakers
  • WEAPONS - Bad Juju, Invective, Universal Remote, Thundlord, Gjallerhorn, Truth, Hawkmoon

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