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Destiny weekly update: new matchmaking system detailed, patch 1.2.0 still AWOL

Destiny's pre-House of Wolves patch is still without a date, but Bungie is confident that everything is coming together.


Bungie dropped the weekly update for Destiny with talk of House of Wolves patches, and a new matchmaking trick to help players get back into the fight.

There will be two separate patches needed before House of Wolves goes live on May 19. The notes have not been confirmed, but Bungie said it will continue to post updates throughout the coming days about the state of the patch. This is happening because of a bug that was discovered late in the patch's development.

Bungie said that there's a good chance it will go live today, as will the patch notes.

The other major point of the update is the new matchmaking solution Bungie is calling 'Connection Recovery'. The new system aims at helping players who lose their connections with the servers to reconnect to matches they were just in.

"It won't always work, because the underlying networking problem may be too severe, but it gives you a fighting chance at rejoining the server you were playing on. If it's successful, you'll keep your progress and your Fireteam," said matchmaking engineer Damian Frank.

Whenever a player disconnects, they will see a message informing them that the game is trying to reconnect. If successful, they will respawn in the match. Otherwise, they will be kicked back to orbit.

The new quality of life addition will be rolled out gradually, starting with the Trials of Osiris PvP event. The mode is a perfect fit due to its extremely competitive nature. If everything goes smoothly, all other activities will follow.

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