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Destiny Tracker shows off your Iron Banner performance

Destiny's premiere PvP tournament is drawing to a close. How did you do?


Destiny Tracker shows off your Iron Banner performance

Iron Banner has dominated Destiny: The Taken King over the past week. The drop rate has been much more gratifying than in past events, and with endgame and near-endgame level gear on offer, there's been plenty of motivation to check it out.

Did you give it a go? If so, you might be interested in knowing how well you performed - to aid you in your Crucible training, or just to build your own self esteem. One of my clan members, Llew, put together a custom Destiny Tracker query which shows you the results of all your Clash games over the Iron Banner period. Assuming you haven't played Clash in regular Crucible playlists, you can see how you did.

To check your stats, just use one of the two URLs below, but substitute your console network ID where noted in bold. I've made them clickable so you can just open in a new tab and edit in the browser bar if you're not able to copy paste.



Try to use this for good rather than just to humiliate your less-skilled mates.

It's been a good Iron Banner, I think; I was very happy with my drops and climbed several Light ranks. I'm a real PvP scrub still, but starting to feel like I'm doing okay more matches than not - whether we win or lose. I encountered some absolutely amazing players, far outside the skill level I normally see during standard Crucible, which was humbling and inspiring.

How did you go? Any good drops? Notice any new meta trends?

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