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Destiny: The Taken King - here's how you get the Two-Year Exotic Black Spindle sniper rifle

Here's a look at how to get the "Black Spindle" Sniper Rifle in Destiny: The Taken King which drops during a Daily Heroic.

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Reddit user TackiestTaco uploaded the video of him acquiring the sniper rifle.

The rifle dropped during the Level 41 Daily Heroic Story at Ocean of Storms on the Moon. Players are tasked with returning to the Chamber of Night and stealing a shard of crystal which once held Corta's soul.

According to him, this is the Two-Year Exotic version of the Black Hammer with 310 Light. All you have to do to get the rifle is complete the Daily the same way he and his friend Chaddiggans did - both acquired the rifle.

"I don't know if it has to be triggered a certain way, but when you are at the part where you have to find two relics to unlock the door for the second time as you escape the temple of Crota, go towards the Shadow Thief strike where you board the ketch and finish the mission form there," he explained.

"You have ten minutes to clear the ketch of Taken enemies and kill the Ultra Taken captain "Driviks".

Watch the video above for more information.


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