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Destiny players say this week's Iron Banner isn't giving them what they deserve, and Bungie is listening [UPDATE]

Destiny players are always complaining about activity rewards - but this time they may have a point.

destiny iron banner

Destiny: The Taken King is currently host to Iron Banner, the premiere PvP event, and as usual it is great: my Light's gone up several points after a couple of casual evenings of play.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's a little bit broken. Destiny developer Bungie has acknowledged and is investigating reports of activity rewards not registering properly.

That doesn't mean bad loot (complaining about loot RNG is the most popular Destiny activity by a wide margin), but rather that you're not getting anything at all: no Iron Banner reputation, Iron Medallions, Iron Banner bounty progression or post-game carnage report screen loot. Sometimes the missing rewards turn up part way through the next match - and sometimes they don't.

Obviously this is less than ideal, as the guaranteed loot drops at specific Iron Banner reputation levels are what many Destiny players are fighting for. The good news is Bungie is on the case and will keep players updated on the matter via the forums.

Update: In a tweet, Bungie said it had deployed a fix for the issue and asked players to report any further problems.

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