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Destiny patch lands Tuesday, melee bug fix coming May 10

Destiny players can expect their punches, stabs and slaps to connect after an upcoming bug fix.

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Destiny patch lands Tuesday, melee bug fix coming May 10

Destiny: The Taken King is pretty lively in the wake of the April Update, but along with all the good stuff there's been an unpleasant change: unreliable melee attacks.

The problem seems especially rampant with the Hunter's Arc Blade and Titan's Shoulder Charge, and manifests in two ways. In one, the attack lands but seems to do no damage. In another, the attack sails right past the target, contrary to all expectations.

Writing in the Bungie Weekly Update, sandbox engineer Jon Cable said there are two seperate factors at play: networking issues and a good old fashioned bug. Fixes for both of these are expected to roll out at 10:00am PST Tuesday May 10, and Bungie will be monitoring closely, able to roll them back instantly if things go adrift.

That's also the case for the next patch, update, which is due to roll out from 10:00am PST Tuesday May 3. Bungie hasn't said what's in this one, beyond a comment about it fixing "a few chests, quests, and rewards – nothing major".

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