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Destiny of Spirits merging, trading and collectibles detailed - new trailer

Destiny of Spirits has players collecting supernatural forces appropriate to their geographical location, and then trading them with others online. Sony has detailed how precisely you'll be able to swap your local beasties for a Japanese youkai.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, producer Kumi Yuasa explained that players have three kinds of item to collect: Spirit Points, Summoning Points and Destiny Orbs.

Summoning Stones are used to collect Spirits, while Spirit Points are spent merging Spirits or renting them from other players.

When merging spirits, players can choose up to five enhancer spirits to sacrifice for the finished product; you won't be able to get them back, though. Merging spirits will level up the base spirit, and spirits can be merged multiple times if you've got an excess collection.

When renting spirits, players will enjoy extra bonuses if the target Spirit belongs to a friend.

The rarest collectible, Destiny Orbs, are used for several purposes - Advanced Summoning, Limited-Time Summoning opportunities, restoring Spirits' HP, resurrect defeated Spirits and control time.

A global beta for the Vita exclusive kicks off later this month.

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