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Destiny of Spirits trademarked by Sony

Destiny of Spirits has been trademarked by Sony, and it's anyone's guess as to what it is.

Original article (by Dave in April)

Gamespot reports that the trademark application was made with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on March 26. You can read the filing in full here.

The trademark applies to “computer game software; electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; video game software.”

Thanks Gematsu and Dragon246.

Update (by Stephany)

Over on NeoGAF (thanks, CyberMarco), what appears to be a "leaked" listing has appeared, stating the game is in the works on PS4 with From Software.

You know, the company that brought you Armored Core and Dark Souls? They also developed Lost Kingdoms and Demon's Souls?

Surely you have heard of them.

Maybe Sony will announce it Monday during it's E3 press event. We'll find out soon enough.

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