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Destiny: House of Wolves will not have a Raid, but expect one this year

House of Wolves, Destiny's second expansion, will not add a raid.


House of Wolves hits Destiny on May 19 and we're pretty hyped about it.

Destiny developer Bungie has not yet outlined all the content of House of Wolves, but in a new update, the team confirmed there won't be a Raid this time.

Instead, we'll get a new kind of endgame activity.

"We didn't make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year," Bungie said.

Bungie did say that House of Wolves adds "a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill" - a battle arena called The Prison of Elders.

In the coming weeks, Bungie will explain how gear will be upgraded in the Expansion, as well as the Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders, which are described as "brand new additions to Destiny's end game activities".

The use of the phrase "battle arena" to describe Prison of Elders (which the observant may remember is mentioned in the Winter's Run strike) makes me think we're looking at a horde mode style affair.

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