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Bungie weekly update: Commendations begone

Destiny's weekly update is here to determine the fate of all those Commendations you've been earning in the past few months.


Bungie started off this week's update with a recap of the details revealed during the recent livestream. There wasn't really anything on this front that they haven't talked about already. With the exception of one important detail: Commendations.

Commendations, as you probably know, were introduced with The Dark Below as a new currency. You needed to have one for every item you wanted to buy from Vanguard or Crucible vendors, on top of the actual Marks cost. The system was mainly introduced to gate players with obscene amounts of Marks from buying all the gear on the first day.

But when House of Wolves drops in May, you will be able to upgrade all all weapons and armour to the new damage and defence stats, massively dropping the need to buy new gear straight away. Since you won't need them any more, you will get to use them to boost your reputation.


Bungie also said that the difficulty spike players reported in the House of Winter strike was unintentional, but did not promise a fix.

The next House of Wolves reveal is due on Wednesday, April 29. Trials of Osiris - the expansion's PvP portion, will be the topic at hand. And just like this week, the livestream will start at 11am PST on Bungie's Twitch channel.

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