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Destiny April Update: Sterling Treasure patch coming today

Sterling Treasure issues in Destiny? A fix is inbound.

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Destiny April Update: Sterling Treasure patch coming today

The Destiny April Update dropped last week and everyone seems very pleased with it so far. Unfortunately, it brought a number of issues with it.

One of the most serious problems is missing Sterling Treasure, and in last week's Bungie Update the developer headline Sterling Treasure as the top item in a list of issues with the Destiny April Update, promising a fix before the next weekly reset.

Looks like it's come through on that promise: a patch will roll out at 10:00am PST today. No notes were provided for the update, but given the context, a Sterling Treasure fix is almost certainly included.

Check back in with the Postmaster once the patch rolls out to collect your goodies.

If you're yet to check in with Destiny: The Taken King since the update, there's a lot to take in. New gear, customisation options and vanity items; light level cap increased to 335; a remixed strike, a whole new strike, a short story-driven quest line - and of course, the new and improved Prison of Elders, including the all-new Challenge of the Elders system, which is one path to 335 gear.

Need more information? We have everything you need to know about the Destiny April Update.

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