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Destiny: all six Trials of Osiris maps will be in rotation this weekend

Destiny PvP will be hard-fought this weekend.


Destiny developer Bungie has announced an interesting twist to this week's Trials of Osiris event.

Instead of playing out on just one map all weekend, the event will drop Guardians down into one of the six maps utilised so far - just like in the Elimination playlist.

Hopefully you've participated in each weekend event so far, so you're already aware of the meta on Black Shield, Burning Shrine, Pantheon, The Cauldron, Thieves' Den and Widow's Court.

If not, check up on the heat maps on You'll have to be flexible and responsive - or call your best sherpa and obey their commands, of course. Good luck! Send us a selfie from the Lighthouse when you make it.

For those who came in late: Trials of Osiris is an elimination-style 3v3 multiplayer event that runs every weekend for House of Wolves owner. It rewards players with some of the best gear in the game, and if they can win through nine rounds undefeated, grants them access to an exclusive social area.

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