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Destiny 2's Swords are being rebalanced and are getting a new energy meter

Bungie is making changes to Swords in Destiny 2.

Soon, Destiny 2 players will find Swords will have some of the damage amounts for different attacks changed, and the various Sword perks adjusted.

According to the latest update from Bungie, the team has been listening to feedback on Sword functionality and has plans to make using the weapon more "enticing."

This means the weapons will be rebalanced and users can expect a new energy meter to be implemented.

Swords will now have their own reserve of energy which will recharge on its own. Not to be confused with ammo capacity, energy will now overtake the melee slot while being wielded and will be spent on "various actions."

All Swords will now be able to cleave, and grounded light attacks will loop for an infinite combo in order to push them apart from heavy attacks.

Speaking of heavy attacks, these will now consumer Sword energy, but the attack will be stronger when full. Aerial heavy attacks won't consume Sword energy in general, but this will also be based on which Sword is in use.

What will also use sword energy is guarding. Different guards will have different consumption rates, damage resistance and behaviors and you will need one ammo to begin guarding. With this change, Bungie hopes players will use guard "intelligently" to protect themselves instead of it being generally underused. Stronghold has also been modified to "still allow Titans a unique guarding experience."


Also, more sword attacks will now be able to partially bypass elemental shields. This was added to provide a bit of a difference from shotguns which share a similar role in combat as CQC weapons.

Bungie said it will be covering more changes coming to abilities weapons, some of which will focus on both PvP and PvE.

Next week, the annual Crimson Days event returns to Destiny 2 and you can expect all sorts of new items along with some returning favorites.


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