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Destiny 2 Strikes will be "self-contained" stories about "interesting" heroes and villains, says Bungie

Destiny 2 PvE is looking better and better.

Bungie is changing up the formula for Destiny 2 with tens of hours of PvE content but Strikes haven't been left by the wayside.

They weren't exactly thrilling in the first game, but in an interview with GamesRadar+, Bungie’s Justin Truman described how changes are afoot for the sequel.

“I think that when we build the strikes what we’re really trying to do is tell a self-contained story about an interesting character, usually an interesting villain, and build a really awesome combat experience that’s infinitely repayable," he said.

"We focus more on spectacle and storytelling in the campaign, whereas in the Strike we focus on what is the best combat set-pieces that we can build that you’re going to want to play 20, 30, 40 times over the span of years.


"I feel like it’s allowed us to really double down on making sure that the strikes serve their purpose, the story serves its purpose, and exploration too."

That sounds a lot more appealing than Strikes whose stories were tacked on to the campaign.

Destiny 2 is sounding more promising by the minute, and we don't have too long to wait to get stuck in, with the console release on September 6, followed by the PC release on October 24.

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