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Destiny 2 PC beta: don't miss your 2 hour window to explore the Farm on Wednesday arvo US time

Destiny 2 will briefly open its social space for PC beta testers to check out.

The Destiny 2 PC beta includes a few bits and bobs missing from the console test, but otherwise seems to be sticking to a pretty similar schedule - and that includes a very short opportunity to visit the social space, the Farm.

Replacing the Tower as Destiny 2's primary shopping and time-wasting Destination, the Farm is a lovely rural scene where Guardians can turn in engrams, interact with NPCs, check their mail, change loadouts via the vault, or just have fun on the interactive football (soccer) pitch.

During the Destiny 2 PC beta, only the footy is available, as all the vendors are absent - Bungie doesn't want to spoil things too much. You also only have a limited window to get in and check it out: the Farm will be open for two hours from 5pm PT Wednesday August 30. That's 8pm ET, and 1am Thursday UK. (Not a good time for you? Me either. Don't worry, you can watch us thoroughly explore the Farm in Destiny 2.)

Unless the PC beta is particularly different, this window only applies to the times when the Farm will be accessible from the Director - the map where you choose your activity. In the Destiny 2 console beta, players were able to camp out at the Farm pretty much indefinitely. You won't be kicked out unless you go idle, are disconnected for some reason, or log out - or when the beta shuts up shop a few days later.

For anything and everything on the test, take a look at our Destiny 2 PC beta info hub, or check in with our Destiny 2 beta guide, updated for the PC test.

Destiny 2 releases on consoles next week and arrives on PC towards the end of October.

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