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Destiny 2 launch trailer sets a sombre tone for the adventure

Not to be outplayed by other publishers at gamescom, Activision has dropped the launch trailer for Destiny 2 16 days ahead of the actual launch.

The trailer is made up entirely of new footage, with quite a few shots from the cinematics mixed in with regular gameplay.

It starts off with Dominus Ghaul, the main villain of the piece, interrogating the Speaker, whom we now know has been captured by the Red Legion. Outside of that, we see the same sombre tone and the struggle Guardians will face against a seemingly insurmountable enemy.

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There's lots of new footage of the various planets, too, and what looks to be a new boss, and few new armour sets. Analysing the video frame-by-frame will no doubt unveil more hidden details.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version is out October 24.

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