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Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores being reworked for Season of Opulence

Bungie will once again change how Enhancement Cores for infusion work in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 players will have better access to Enhancement Cores when Season of Opulence launches.

In its weekly update, Bungie said it was once again changing how the infusion system works. When the next season rolls around, you'll find Scrapper Bounties have been removed.

According to Bungie, the goal of the infusion system was to create a meaningful "feeling of progression" when you increase the Power of an item. An infusion system with scarce material drops, such as the current like Enhancement Core system, causes a "negative experience." Bungie wants to improve this with Season of Opulence.

"We’re constantly monitoring the infusion economy to see what kind of impact it has on gear usage," said the studio. "We keep a close eye on the amount of infusion materials being earned versus how many are being used and will continue to make adjustments as needed.

"To that end, we’ll be making a change in Season of Opulence with the goal of providing more access to Enhancement Cores.

Because Scrapper Bounties previously dropped randomly when dismantling gear, there wasn't a reliable way to earn Enhancement Cores with the bounties, and they weren't providing enough materials.

When the next season starts, Scrapper Bounties will be replaced with a selection of daily and weekly bounties purchasable through Gunsmith Materials.

Any unfinished Scrapper Bounties left in your inventory when the new season begins can still be completed before their natural expiration.

"Our hope is that this increased access and control over Enhancement Core acquisition will help improve the balance of materials being earned vs. materials being used," Bungie continued. "As always, we’ll be continuously monitoring this item economy, along with your feedback to assess its effectiveness."

Back in October when Forsaken patch 2.0.5 dropped, Bungie replaced the Masterwork Core system with Enhancement Cores. While they were more common than Masterwork Cores, they were still apparently scare enough with the Scrapper Bounties in place,  the studio decided to make the aforementioned changes.

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence will go live in June.

In other news, the Iron Banner returns next week on March 26 and runs through April 2. You'll find two new consumable items that will change the flow of combat through temporary Power level adjustments during this time. More information is available through Bungie.

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