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Derrick the Deathfin creator racks up $63,000 debt, sells under 5k copies

You have to feel sorry for Gordon Midwood. His game, Derrick the Deathfin, was released at a suicidal time in the gaming calendar. With constant big-hitters on the horizon, it's inevitable the creator has accumulated a huge financial loss from the production of his title. Right now, Midwood has racked up a whopping $63,000 in debt.

Speaking to Kotaku, Midwood acknowledges the difficulty of making a profit, or even coming close.

"It's entirely possible, or indeed by the looks of things at the moment 100 per cent probable, that sales will never amount to enough to pay back even a quarter of my personal debts."

"Sony have been very supportive throughout the process of completing and promoting the game," Midwood said.

"They loved the concept from the first time we pitched it to them and they have been to very easy to work with since then. The publishing and promoting is on our shoulders though, as we can’t afford to pay anybody professional, ha!"

"I’m not allowed to say exact numbers I don’t think! It might well be quite a bit under 5k, which I don’t think I’m allowed to say either."

For those that fancy helping Midwood out, here's the papercraft game's launch trailer:

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