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Denuvo website leaks emails from clients, potential upcoming games that use the DRM, more

Denuvo has inadvertently made certain private directories on its website available to the public, leading to a massive leak of client data, and other pertinent information.

resident evil 7

Denuvo, the company behind the DRM currently being used by many AAA games to thwart the tide of pirated copies, especially in the crucial early days, has kind of been having a rough few days.

After its latest client, Resident Evil 7, was successfully cracked a mere few days after launch, the company's own website has now come under fire after it exposed a private directory to the public.

Torrent Freak reports (via PCGamesN) that members of the hacking community swarmed the site in an attempt to extract all data and sift through it.

A particular text file, called 'Ajax.log', has been grabbed. The file reveals plenty of customer support emails from 2014. Some of these include correspondences with potential clients and others curious about the service works. There's also an email by Resident Evil 7 publisher Capcom, enquiring about the service.

Amusingly, the directory contains plenty of emails from angry players who Denuvo prevented from pirating their favourite games, not to mention a few attempts at impersonating developers in order to obtain original game exe files.

Over on NeoGAF, members have begun going through some of the emails, identifying potential future games that utilise the DRM, based on their publishers' interest.

Titles include Halo Wars 2, indie game The Wild Eight, the upcoming Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and others.

Some of the files hackers downloaded also include access logs for the website, a presentation, and other executables. It's unclear if this blunder will expose the DRM's code, something which would have a devastating effect on Denuvo.

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