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Den of Wolves - a futurist heist game from the creators of Payday - announced at The Game Awards

Take that to the bank. A new heist shooter is coming... eventually.

Den of Wolves reveal screenshot
Image credit: 10 Chambers

Good news heist fans, the former Payday devs who went off and founded 10 Chambers have just revealed their own upcoming heist game - Den of Wolves! First shown The Game Awards, it looks very much heist game with the level of attitude we'd expect from these folks.

There's no word on release date or platforms as of yet. This being the first reveal we're only getting vibes and a general premise right now, but judging from the team working on it you can expect a tactics-heavy cooperative experience with a lot of style and passion behind it.

Check the trailer out here!Watch on YouTube

It looks pretty messed up too! It looks we're getting some messed up future tech to help push us far and beyond the dev's safe-cracking roots. It looks like the gaggle of thieves we're playing us is robbing a body in cold storage? That's metal.

10 Chambers have previously worked on GTFO - a sci-fo horror game that has a slower, more trecherous vibe to the team's previous work. Nonetheless, it looks as though they're moving on from that niche hardcore shooter project to something with a bit more mass-appeal. And more masks! These lot love masks. The wackier and cooler, the better.

GTFO also got a traielr at The Game Awards, which shows off its final update as the team moves onto Den of wolves full time. It looks like big things are happening over with 10 Chambers - Den of Wolves is a game to look out for.

Is this something you're keen on trying out? Let us know below!

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