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Defense Grid: Containment out now for KS backers, next week for everyone else

Defense Grid: Containment, the latest expansion to the popular tower defence indie, has a release date. It's next week, but some of you could already be playing it.

Hidden Path has announced that the expansion will hit Steam on January 23 and cost $5, or you can pick it up in a bundle with all other content for $20.

Containment was funded by Kickstarter backers, and those who qualified for the beta have already received the expansion in full.

The final content drop in Defense Grid: The Awakening, Containment has eight new maps, 32 additional challenge modes and "hours" of content driven by new story elements. Firefly's Alan Tudyk and E.R.'s Ming-Na Wen lend their talents to two new characters.

Thanks to a collaboration with Penny Arcade, backers are also expecting a pile of rewards including an art book, USB sticks and t-shirts. The most recent backer update suggests many of these items are still a way off.

Backers will also eventually receive Defense Grid 2, which Hidden Path has promised to make despite missing the hefty $1 million stretch goal which would have had them move onto the sequel immediately.

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