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Defense Grid 2 privately funded, Kickstarter backers to be rewarded

Although last year's crowdfunding campaign didn't earn enough to fund Defense Grid 2, those who contributed will receive the game for free anyway.

Hidden Path promised to reward backers with the sequel when they funded expansion Defense Grid: Containment, but didn't expect to deliver for quite some time - if at all.

Happily, the team has been fortunate enough to secure private funding for the sequel, with a secret investor ponying up at least $750,000 to fund the game for early 2014 release, on Linux, Mac and PC, with a full level editor.

"You guys supported us. An investor saw your support, saw us make promises to you, saw us keep those promises to you, and after Containment shipped, they decided to partner with us and invest in Defense Grid 2,” Hidden Path founder Jeff Pobst said said in an update to the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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