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Deck13 action-RPG Blood Knights to release on PC and consoles this summer

dtp Entertainment has announced the action-RPG from Deck13, Blood Knights, will release on PC and consoles this summer.

Blood Knights tells the story of Jeremy, a vampire hunter who was attacked and bitten during on one of his missions and is now "bound by blood to the sexy, but mysterious, vampiress Alysa." The former arch-enemies have to work together "to rid themselves of the binding."

The downloadable title features vampires in combat, with loads of weapons, items and vampiric abilities. It's set in the Middle Ages, and players will be able to control both Alysa and Jeremy in a co-operative "quest for salvation," either in single player or co-op mode.

Numerous enemies will be around to fight and confront, and an "impressive and sometimes sexy array of bosses" will require a specific strategy in order to be defeated.

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