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Deadfall Adventures has over 30 weapons, links to Haggard novels

Loads of new information has surfaced regarding The Farm 51's first-person Indiana Jones-style adventure, Deadfall Adventures.

The new details come from a preview feature on Gry Online, via auto-translate. The main character - James Lee Quatermain - is a relation of Alain Quartermain, an English pulp adventure hero created by H. Rider Haggard, whome some of the more well-read amongst you may have heard of; he's in The League of Extraordinary gentlemen for everyone else. This link was apparently suggested by publisher Nordic Games.

The story has Quartermain and his female companion entering an ancient temple in search of Xibalba, Myan mythology's "place of fear". The plot is under wraps, but The Farm 51 revealed it is related to a mysterious artefact with the power to grant immortality among other properties, and players will face opposition from grave robbers, Nazis and Eastern European secret police as well as more infernal powers. The story is said to twist and turn, and is not about good and evil so much as the evil within humanity.

The gameplay is divided into combat and adventuring, with players able to select the difficulty of each component separately. In combat, human opponents and monstrous creatures are both on the cards, and there are over 30 weapons, of which the player can carry two at once in addition to a handgun. The environments are packed with puzzles, which can be solved by drawing on Quartermain's sketches and notes. The player has access to a "detective mode" to help them find clues and interactive objects.

Some levels have a greater emphasis on action or on puzzle solving, but the player sometimes has the option to use environmental puzzles to weaken enemies and make combat easier if desired; it sounds like the shooting sections are pretty tough, so that's kind of a relief. In some sections, the player has no weapons at all and must use these traps and tricks to proceed.

There will be several multiplayer modes - deathmatch, horde and something involving treasure collection, and players will be able to trigger killstreak bonuses.

Gry Online got to play a build and captured the result; hit the link above to check it out.

Deadfall Adventures was first announced as The Adventurer and Project Adventurer before securing a publishing deal. It is expected on PC and Xbox 360 in July.

Thanks, Hedgamer.

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