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Dead Space was never dead and Battlefield Portal looks great- VG247’s Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat #5

Hello friends! It's Friday, which means it's time for another excuse for as many of team VG247 to avoid working for as long as possible. That's right, it's podcast time. Episode 5 of the temporary Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat sees me, Dorrani, Sherif, and Alex discuss the week that was.

We are going to be making this a proper podcast that you can subscribe to on numerous podcast apps/feeds, with a snazzy graphic and everything, but for now we need help with a name. If you have any ideas let us know in the comments.

If you want to listen to a video game chat that is loosely centred on EA Play reveals, including Dead Space and Battlefield Portal, plus find out which games we have all been the best at in our lives, this is the show for you.

Which one of us gave a member of the band Rizzle Kicks a Need for Speed game for Christmas? And who is worried about a chainsaw outside their window? This and more will be answered in episode 5 of the Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat.

If you want an idea of what we might talk about in the months to come, chances are it'll be the games featured in this video game release dates page.

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