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Dead Space engine to be offered as middleware

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According to this GamePlayer story, EA's planning to offer the Dead Space engine as middleware.

The news comes from the game's producer, Glen Schofield. Apparently:

The engine’s origins are in From Russia with Love and The Godfather game, but soon after that open-world mafia hit was released the engine was taken internally within the Dead Space studio and worked on for two and half years.

Glen was very excited about what the engine can offer, and how malleable it is. Lawyers are currently on the job sorting out the legalities of officially naming the engine and an announcement on this will be made soon. The engine is already being used in the creation of The Godfather 2 video game, and following the completion of the naming process, Glen hopes the engine will become a key tool across multiple upcoming games and openly invited his compatriots to come and take a look.

Plenty more through there.

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