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Dead Rising 3's psychopath bosses detailed - rumour

Purported leaks have described a number of psychopath bosses in Dead Rising 3, one of the franchise's most memorable features.

According to alleged design documents obtained by Siliconera, one of these bosses is codenamed Shifu. An immigrant to Los Perdido, Shifu works a low paying job and is disrespected by his employers. His only solace is a Zen garden, which he continues to protect fiercely even after the zombie outbreak. When our hero interrupts Shifu's meditation by tripping over a rock, knocking it out of place, Shifu attacks him.

The second character is a female wrestler and bodybuilder called Jerry who is distressed that her competition has been cancelled because of the zombie incident. Nick meets her at the gym and ticks her off with what sounds like a pretty gross bit of sexism actually, after which she attacks him with wrestling mvoes and thrown weights.

Another psychopath is the leader of a motorcycle gang who has decorated his steamroller-wheel bike decorated with body parts. He revels in anarchy.

Finally, there's Trent, a spoiled trust fund baby who plays video games away. Nick tries to get Trent to safety but the oblivious gamer just wants to finish a level and wait for the pizza delivery boy.

Siliconera's sources had word of the game's protagonist and setting almost immediately after the project was first teased, a good 18 months ahead of its reveal at E3 2013.

Dead Rising 3 is due on Xbox One this year, and will have SmartGlass exclusive content.

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