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Dead Rising 3: exclusive gamescom demo contains explosive action, lots of undead

Dead Rising 3 promises to be just as crazy, violent, and chaotic as other entries in the series. VG247's found this out first-hand during gamescom when Capcom Vancouver producer Mike Jones walked him through a demo of the game. Have a watch below.

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Along with detailing some of the SmartGlass featuring in the game, the new combo abilities were also on display.

As you will see, you can use these combos to create a personalized vehicle which can provide zombies with a painful death - if they can feel that is, we're not sure if these mindless shells feel anything other than a hunger for your flesh.

You can customize street sweepers, steam rollers, forklifts, motorcycles, cars, trucks - if it has wheels, you can turn it into a moving, squishing, shooting death machine.

Dead Rising 3 has been named as an Xbox One launch title and is slated for November.

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