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Dead by Daylight leak points to Resident Evil's Albert Wesker joining the game

And it looks like Wesker will be joined by Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

A fresh batch of Dead by Daylight leaks have dropped, this time seemingly revealing that Resident Evil's Albert Wesker and Ada Wong are coming to the game.

These days Dead by Daylight is thought of as the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of horror, featuring horror collaborations ranging from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Silent Hill. Resident Evil was a very popular one, and it seems like developer Behaviour Interactive has plans to continue working with Capcom, as more characters from the series have leaked online.

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The leaks come from the reliable DBDLeaks Twitter account, which recently showed off the models and outfits of Albert Wesker, the new killer, and Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as playable survivors. They all have their classic looks, which will likely please fans of the characters.

Not only that, but some details of the characters have been shared online too. Wesker will be known as "The Mastermind" in the game. Wesker's personal perks include "Superior Anatomy, Awakened Awareness, and Termins," which "allow you to vault faster, see other survivor's auras while carrying one, and cause survivors to be permanently broken when the exit gates are powered."

Ada and Rebecca's survivor perks haven't been detailed yet though, as DBDLeaks notes that they haven't been finalised yet, so is unable to share them. Obviously all of this information comes in the form of leaks in the first place, so there's no guarantee that anything will be the same when the content does arrive in the game.

Behaviour Interactive announced earlier this week that it will be hosting its first showcase next week, saying "Anyone else wondering what the W in Resident Evil: Project W stands for?" It doesn't take a village to guess that W stands for Wesker, so it's likely we'll be seeing a proper reveal of the character soon enough.

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