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DC Universe Online War of the Light Part 1 out now on PC, PS3 and PS4 - trailer, details

DC Universe Online received a new DLC pack today, as part of a multi-pack storyline. The War of Light Part 1 features the Lantern Corps, and includes a stack of new content.


Free to Legendary members of $10 for free and premium players, War of the Light Part 1 kicks off in an overhauled vision of Metropolis but visits Mogo, the sentient Green Lantern Planet, and Ranx, the Sentient Sinestro Corps City. Players are introduced to Saint Walker and the Blue Lantern Corps, and will meet firther Corps in upcoming updates.

Saint Walker and Atrocitus are now available in Legends PvP, and Rage Powers have been added to available skillsets.

Here's the plot lowdown, direct from Sony Online Entertainment, and below you'll find a factsheet of new DCUO content included in the pack:

"In War of the Light Part I, Lanterns of all colors have lost connection with their Emotional Spectrum's entities. Following cryptic evidence, four Corps – Green, Blue, Sinestro, and Red – converged on Earth, determined to find out what happened to their entities. This clash of the Lantern Corps has resulted in a new war of light, centered in Downtown Metropolis and nearby sentient planets Mogo and Ranx. Players must team up with Hal Jordan or Sinestro in high-level multiplayer adventures to investigate the strange colored mists that have descended upon Metropolis and are affecting the citizens’ emotions."

  • New Rage Power – Drawing its power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum, Rage can be utilized for either good or evil. Heroes and villains who wield the tank/damage power will notice its abilities have a berserker style feel.
  • New 4-Player Operations – Unusual colored mists have appeared and caused a new war of light, centered in Downtown Metropolis, Mogo and Ranx. With the help of their allies, including Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner on the hero’s side, and Hank Henshaw and Sinestro on the villain’s side, players must uncover the origin of the mysterious mists.
  • New 8-Player Operation – The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps clash while investigating the mists in this new Operation taking place on Mogo and Ranx.
  • New Legends PvP Characters – War of the Light Part I introduces two new Lanterns – the violent Atrocitus and the agile Saint Walker.
  • New Lantern-inspired Gear – Heroes can earn Green Lantern-inspired gear, while villains can collect gear influenced by the Sinestro Corps. Both alignments can obtain the Red Lantern styled gear.
  • New Feats and Collections

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