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DC Universe Online finally gets a release date


SOE has finally given DC Universe Online a date - sort of.

It's been announced for November at any rate.

The PC and PS3 MMO was shown at a pre-E3 event this week, and the information regarding the date comes to us through IGN, which had hands-on time with it.

Sounds like not only will you be creating your very own superhero or villain, but you will come across some of the more famous ones from the comics in interesting ways.

The example the site gave, went something like this:

The level SOE was showcasing had you as a hero breaking into Harley Quinn's lair to rescue a kidnapped Robin. It was a dank, underground place packing shadows that gave off that dark and foreboding feel.

Meanwhile, Harley had smeared these red streaks on the floor and scrawled all sorts of messages around the place for nosey heroes to find. It was twisted -- just like you'd think it should be.

As if we would expect anything less from the demented Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel.

SOE has yet to announce the voice actors, but "you should expect familiar folks behind the characters you know", according to IGN.

Sounds cool for DC fans, and it's about time a release date of sorts given to them.

The last video was released for it back in April, and you can check it out here.

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